Gold Tailings CIP Plant in Asupo Bolikansai

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Project Introduction

The concentration of Asupo Bolikansai gold tailings slurry is about 42%, the grinding grain size is about 80% of 200 mesh, the PH value of lime regulating pulp is 10-11, and the concentration of immersion gold is 0.03%. Initially, considering the various factors such as efficiency and cost, the person in charge of the plant conducted a series of comparative tests on ExAurum gold environmental leaching agent and sodium cyanide.

Gold Leaching Process

It can be seen from the test results that under the same process conditions, the leaching index obtained by using ExAurum gold environmental leaching agent and sodium cyanide is completely consistent. ExAurum gold environmental leaching agent has good stability, and its gold leaching rate and adsorption rate are obviously better than sodium cyanide. In the end, the project leader finally decided to use ExAurum gold environmental leaching agent for the leaching stage in the carbon slurry process.

Process Indicator

Leaching Agent Raw Ore Grade(g/t) Tail Slag Grade(g/t) Lean Liquid Grade(g/m-3 ) Gold Leaching rate/% Gold Adsorption Rate/% Pharmacy Consumption (g/t)
ExAurum Gold Environmental Leaching Agent 1.05 0.2 0.01 81 97.5 650
Sodium Cyanide 1.01 0.2 0.01 80.2 97.5 600

(Note: The test data is the average result of stable and continuous operation for 80 hours)

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