Gold Mine All-sliming Cyanidation Project in Philippine

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Project Introduction

In view of the impact of ExAurum gold environmental leaching reagent dosage, leaching time, particle size and type of minerals on gold leaching effect, and comparison of ExAurum gold environmental leaching reagent and conventional sodium cyanide, leaching test of ExAurum reagent was carried out in this project. The results are as following.

Gold Leaching Process

The test results show that ExAurum gold environmental leaching reagent has better gold leaching rate than conventional sodium cyanide under certain conditions, which can reach by more than 96%. Moreover, ExAurum gold environmental leaching reagent is low in toxicity but higher in economic benefits than conventional cyanide chemicals. It is also equipped with strong advantages in the process of purchasing, transporting, storing and usage. And the subsequent tail liquid treatment is relatively simpler than that of cyanide tail liquid. All these make ExAurum reagent leaching process completely comparable to the sodium cyanide process.

Solution Indicators

Leaching Agent Sample Gold Ore Grade/(g·t-1) Dip Gold Grade/(g·t-1) Gold Leaching Rate/%
ExAurum Eco-friendly Leaching Reagent 40.38 1.3 96.78
Sodium Cyanide 40.38 1.8 95.54

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